Dan Patlansky The Borderline 05-12-15

After a lengthy airport security style entrance to the Borderline which sadly is now deemed necessary after the recent dreadful events in Paris Aaron Keylock started his set to a half empty venue.

Now that was a shame as alongside his 2 band colleagues for 30 minutes they kicked up a very impressive display of tight blues with a maturity that belied their young age.

Aaron's guitar playing ranged from slide to all out riffing and he made it look very easy and he also possesses a rare throaty voice in keeping with the style of music.

With a debut album due in 2016 he played originals like Medicine Man and Lovin' Lies before mid set he played the Peter Green cover Just One Question which was stunning.I loved the way the band took it down mid song to a near whisper before building to a crescendo with a guitar solo that showed all of his qualities of tone and melody and he showed it isn't all about how fast you play.

One to keep an eye out for.

Photo credit John Bull

I was fortunate to be in attendance to Dan Patlansky's April debut UK show at The Borderline and since then his star has continued to soar with a month long European tour support with Joe Satriani and now a sold out show to finish off his year in style.

He came on to huge applause alongside his 2 band mates and for 75 minutes showed us why he should be the next big thing.

Here is what he played.

Starting with the instrumental Drone which he plays like a warm up exercise as he goes from heavy riffing to soloing and back and his band mates Clint Falconer on bass and Andy Maritz on drums back him up with the knowledge of months on the road and a near telepathic understanding of light and shade and dynamics.

Next up the quite superb Bring The World To It's Knees which shows of Dan's voice to it's full range and the heavy riff which would see steel structure's buckle.His near feedback Hendrix style fits the song like a glove and how he hold's the notes time and again is awe inspiring.

At the Hammersmith show supporting Joe Satriani he debuted 2 new songs from his new album "INTRO-VERTIGO”  due in April and after being road tested we can only hope that he can capture the rawness seen on stage as Run has a monumentally heavy riff and Dan spits the chorus with venom.

Dan sense of dynamics are again shown as he followed it up with the gentle Hold On which shows off his vocal range and the lengthy extended guitar solo ended with applause from the crowd at it's beauty.

Photo credit John Bull

After another newie in Stop The Messing it was then 5 back to back tracks from this year's stand out album Dear Silence Thieves with second single Fetch Your Spade being warmly greeted which shows the Planet Rock playlists are working.Before the exquisite Madison Lane with Dan's vocal melody matched with the guitar break with more light and shade passages.

Photo credit John Bull.

Following it with first single Backbite was a master stroke and it has developed from it's funky studio  version to a rip snorting heavy riffing monster that could stop a buffalo in it's tracks.

He finished the set with the guitar pyrotechnic assault of My Chana taking his guitar within an inch of it's life with a display of notes not seen since the heyday of Jimi Hendrix.

A 2 song encore of the instrumental Luca and then 20 Stones favourite Daddy's Old Gun left us wanting more as all great gig's should.

Photo credit Stephen Fourie

A year ago Dan Patlansky was unheard of in the UK but this year has been one to dream of and 2016 should see him reach into the stratosphere with the release of "INTRO-VERTIGO".

He returns to the UK in May as support to King King on a lengthy jaunt around the UK before an album release show at the Jazz Cafe in early June.

You need to be there.

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