Beth Hart - Union Chapel London - 14/12/15

Beth Hart - solo acoustic Show - In the Union Chapel ?

..Jesus H  Christ !

end of review.

I've been told that I need to write more, despite the fact that the above completely sums up the experience.

The Union Chapel is a stunning 800 seat (well, pews to be honest) venue in North London. They are as proud of their mugs of tea as they are of their venue, and quite rightly so!

 Tasteful LED lighting, combined with candles around the venue make a for a unique atmosphere. But best of all is the acoustics. When we got to Paddington Station the announcer was telling us something or other and it was echoing all over the place, bouncing off every hard surface and sounding like the guy was trying to use a cheap echo machine.

The Union Chapel on the other hand, despite having wood, stone, glass and a huge ceiling sounded superb.. possibly the best I've ever heard.
(Photo credit Nige Robins)

Barefoot and nervous, Beth came on stage to her first ever solo acoustic gig and for 1 hour 45 minutes we were treated to the most heartfelt display of music that I have ever seen.

Here is what she played.

St Teresa(acoustic guitar)
Might As Well Smile(acoustic guitar)
The Mood That I'm In(acoustic guitar)
Favorite Things(grand piano)
Setting Me Free(acoustic bass)
Isolation(acoustic bass)
Is That Too Much To Ask(acoustic guitar)
The Ugliest House On The Block(electric piano)
House Of Sin(acoustic guitar)
Say Something(acoustic guitar)
Chocolate Jesus(grand piano)
Swing My Thing Back Round(grand piano)
Baddest Blues(grand piano)
Spirit Of God(grand piano)
Mama This One's For You(electric piano)

Encore of 
Fine And Mellow(acoustic bass)
Bang Bang Boom Boom(electric piano)
Better Than Home(electric piano)
Leave The Light On(electric piano)
As Long As I Have A Song(a capella)
Second Encore of 
Tell Her You Belong To Me(grand piano)

As the minutes ticked by, she grew in confidence and between songs was beaming and clapping like a an excited kid.

You could hear a pin drop  when she was singing but the crowd was rapturous after each song as she swapped from electric piano, to grand piano, acoustic guitar and even acoustic bass.

This gig was therapy for Beth, even breaking down and crying at one stage before Leave The Light On.  That voice.. damn that voice.. going from shy, frightened girl to screaming rock goddess in a heartbeat.

Having seen Beth Hart several times now, with her band, with Joe Bonamassa and now flying solo - she never fails to deliver.

This was a special one. One that far more than 800 people will say they were at.

 All photo's credited to John Bull with thanks unless stated.


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