Dan Reed Network 100 Club London 10-3-17

So a week after the Swindon show and I get to do it all again this time at a sold out 100 Club and I really feel that sometimes words don't do justice to gig.

From the moment Vega hit the stage to the moment 3 and a half hours later as the 5 members of Dan Reed Network walked off stage this was an evening that you wish you could have bottled and opened time and again when the world needs to be a better place.

Vega added their fantastic hard hitting album opener Explode to their set meaning 11 tracks and 50 minutes of melodic rock heaven with Nick Workman on vocals hitting the heights and Marcus Thurston on guitar adding fiery solo after fiery solo to the mix.

I have loved Vega since day one and now 4 albums into their career and with some significant road work boosting confidence and stage craft the world really is their oyster as the standing ovation at the end of their set showed.

Vega 5 will blow the doors off.

Dan Reed Network came onto a hero's reception and for an hour and 50 minutes we were taken on a journey through some of the finest rock funk and soul on the planet from a band at the top of the game.

A set list for them is a rough blue print with songs played as they are called out and thanks for playing Seven Sisters Road for me.

A set with huge changes from the Swindon show and showing the strength of their material.

Here is what they played.

Get To You
Rock N'Roll All Nite (Kiss cover with Nathan James of Inglorious guesting)
Forgot To Make Her Mine
Seven Sisters Road
Baby Now I (excerpts of Frankie Goes To Hollywood Relax,Kiss I Was made For Lovin' You,Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze,Metallica Enter Sandman and Earth Wind And Fire Let's Groove)
Rainbow Child
Stronger Than Steel
Steely Dan's Rikki Don't Lose That Number with Brion James on vocals
Under My Skin
All For A Kiss (Rob Daiker solo song with Rob on vocals)
Save The World (with Brion James on vocals)
Encores of
Cruise Together
Long Way To Go(acapella)

Dan Reed was a whirling dervish as he never stopped moving as his shirt's sweat stain rapidly moving proved and his vocal range has never sounded better and he uses his whole body and facial expressions to get across his musical emotion.

We sang,we danced,we laughed,we smiled god how we smiled until our faces ached and we admired a chemistry on stage that is telepathic with songs altered,stopped,forgotten and changed at a second's notice and through it all we were all thankful at being in a small club with such an amazing band.

I can't pick a highlight it all was although me er singing with Dan into his microphone to the chorus of Baby Now I will never be forgotten by me although everyone else will try to.

I didn't want it to end and as the band finished Dan told us they will be back in the UK in 2018 with a new album to help lighten the load for us.

I hope the photos paint a picture as it was a truly special evening that for all present will top their gig of the year list.

2 shows left in the UK left in Manchester and Nottingham do yourself a favour and go along you won't regret it.

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