Thunder Hammersmith Apollo 28-03-17

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I will be honest and say I was really disappointed in support act Cats In Space.On last year's tour we were treated to King King and Terrorvision and this was a huge step down with a 35 minutes set full of big backing vocals and twee twin guitar solo's and it was all just too safe.No balls and thankful of only 35 minutes.

Thunder never ever play a bad show and in support of new cd Rip It Up that hit the UK charts at number 3 we had a 1 hour 40 minute set heavily in favour of said cd with 7 new songs played interspersed with classics and 3 more from Wonder Days the band's comeback cd from 2015.

Here is what they played.

No One Gets Out Alive
The Enemy Inside
River Of Pain
Resurrection Day
Right From The Start
Backstreet Symphony
Higher Ground
In Another Life
The Thing I Want.
Don't Wait For Me
Rip It Up
Love Walked In
I Love You More Than Rock n'Roll
Encores of Wonder Days
She Likes The Cocaine (With Lynne Jackaman)
Dirty Love

Like Dan Reed Network who toured the UK recently Thunder are a band for all seasons and if you wanted a band for a party then you would give them a call.

With Danny Bowes in his usual amazing voice who in my opinion is one of the UK's finest ever vocalist's and added to his trademark dad dancing moves he is the life and soul of the party imploring the crowd to give their all at every opportunity whether it being vocally,clapping,hands waving from side to side or bouncing around like jack in the boxes.
It really is a full body work out with crowd participation guaranteed.

After the earlier support sound issues luckily had gone we were straight into Rip It Up with No One Gets Out Alive and The Enemy Inside both showing themselves as great live tracks.The new cd didn't grab me straight out of the box like Wonder Days but after repeated play's it has been a grower and in the live setting all of the tracks stood up against older classic's very well.

River Of Pain was greeted like a long lost friend a real 4 minute get in get out song with a brilliant chorus with band and crowd as one.

Resurrection Day off Wonder Days may only be a couple of years old but stands tall amongst and alongside any Thunder song and the poignant lyrics are sung lustily by all.

Right From The Start may be a new song but from the crowd's reaction it is already a favourite and gave Danny a chance to show off his wonderful vocal range with Luke Morley's guitar solo also hitting the mark.

All of the band are superb musicians with the rhythm team a stand out in any company with Chris Childs on bass and Harry James on drums and with Ben Matthews on guitar and keys all are the rock the band are built on.

We were then treated to Backstreet Symphony and the starting riff still gets you going nearly 30 years after seeing them support Aerosmith and following it with Higher Ground well it doesn't  get much better than that.

Well ok Don't Wait For Me and Love Walked In did with Danny's vocal world class and Luke's guitar soloing superb and thank god they came back together as we would miss one of the UK's finest exponents of classic rock music.

Second encore She Likes The Cocaine saw Lynne Jackaman reprise her vocal contribution from the cd with her and Danny trading off vocally and having a ball with huge smiles all around.

Dirty Love was it's extended self with audience and band joining together in a singing,dancing and arm waving smorgasbord of fun leaving all tired and worn out but so thankful of another great night.

Thunder go from strength to strength and in the live setting few can match them.


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