Joe Bonamassa BIC Bournemouth 13-10-18

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With his latest superb cd Redemption now out Joe and his world class band return for a 3 date UK trek after a European tour and we can again marvel at the astounding musicianship on stage.

What I love when seeing Joe is not only the finest blues guitarist of this or maybe any generation but also his band who are all world class musician's with cv's to match.

As for the last UK dates earlier in the year we had Anton Fig on drums,Michael Rhodes on bass,Reece Wynans on Hammond and keyboard's,the horn section of Lee Thornberg and Paulie Cerra and 2 backing vocalist's in Jade Mcrae and Juanita Tippins.

Everyone play's a part and Joe gives every one the chance to be centre stage and show off their talent's and it is a joy to behold.

For 2 and a quarter hours with superb sound and lighting we were treated to the following set list.

King Bee Shakedown
Evil Mama
Just Cos' You Can Doesn't Mean You Should
Self Inflicted Wounds
I Get Evil
Little Girl
No Good Place For The Lonely
How Deep This River Runs
Slow Train
Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
Boogie With Stu
Last Kiss
How Many More Times
Encore Sloe Gin

In March they did what few other band's could ever do and played 4 songs 6 months before they were due to be released.Now we have all had the chance to take in the songs and it was a totally different listening experience.
King Bee Shakedown is an energetic blues driven opener with a rolling guitar riff and big chorus and the band at full pelt from the word go with the horns and backing singers filling in any gaps before Evil Mama had the first Reese Hammond solo of the evening as the man's fingers are a blur.He is a genius.

Just Cos' has a lengthy guitar solo where Joe attacks and his fingers are a blur but never ever losing his focus at the end result.His band are on fire with a display that has your eyes moving backwards and forwards not wanting to miss a thing.

Self Inflicted Wounds saw the pace slow and Joe's guitar playing showing emotion,tone and passion as only he can.It really is one of Joe's finest slower tunes (I'm not sure he records ballads).His vocal's too are superb with a depth and variation in tone showing how hard he has worked on that instrument too.

No Good Place For The Lonely was for me a  stand out moment on his last cd Blues For Desperation and in the live setting the lengthy mid song solo has every pair of eyes in the venue trained on a master class of poise,technique and talent that is jaw dropping.As you think he has slowed he goes up a further notch and takes it to another level.Amazing.

How Deep This River Runs again from Desperation has stunning backing vocals and has been extended with Joe and Michael mid stage trading riffs and looks with the recorded output just a frame work for on stage magic.

The same can be said for Slow Train and this version was gob smacking.The intro with Joe's heavy guitar riff mirrored to Anton's drum rhythm and the light show was superb.Joe took the first verse before the girl's each took the lead vocal's verse by verse and then after Joe's mid song solo Paulie then took over the lead vocal showing off a deep voice full of tone and Joe is now the backing singer.We need a recorded version of this tour now too.
This is the way songs should develop on stage and not just be a note for note version like on cd.When the chemistry with your band is this good just take it to a place others fear to tread.

Last Kiss had again been extended with Jade and Juanita taking lead vocal's and veering off kilter but only enhancing the song's pedigree.

Encore time was a true moment for me.The Saturday before my dad was rushed into hospital and if am honest we thought we had lost him but thanks to the doctor's he is still with us but very very poorly.
As Joe said he wanted to play a song we all knew and Sloe Gin started I felt every hair on my body stand to attention.As he sang the words Tryin' to wash away the pain inside the tears flowed and during the simply wonderful guitar solo I struggled to see through the tears.
Wow music get's you some times.It can be uplifting and certainly for me helps through troubled times.

Joe and your wonderful band thank you for sharing a moment with me.

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