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Moved from the Koko to the Electric Parade in Brixton 2 weeks before the show and sold out signs out side the venue anticipation was high.

Opening was Leaves Eyes who had a first for me in 36 years of gig going.Alexander Krull came out and my thought was lead singer but he was then upstaged by soprano Elina Siirala and it turned out that Alex was chief growler and cheer leader.He clapped his hands at every opportunity and the Celtic infused music had the place bouncing.
He went off before the last song and gave themselves an encore when her returned in a full suit of armour with helmet and huge sword.It was hilarious and gave me a right laugh which was much needed.

Cellar Darling supported Delain and frankly they should have opened and their folky metal with a guitarist who is just bloody miserable had us all checking our watches.

My first Kamelot show and I only got on board with last album Haven which it turned out hadn't been released when they played here last so with 5 played off that and 4 off new cd The Shadow Theory I wasn't the only one hearing half the set for the first time.

The 90 minute set was as follows.
Phantom Divine with Lauren Hart
Rule The World
The Great Pandemonium
When The Lights Are Down
End Of Innocence
Veil Of Elysium
Here's To The Fall
March Of Mephisto with Lauren Hart
Keys and drums solo's
Manus Dei
Sacrimony (Angel Of Afterlife)
Burns To Embrace
Encore of Liar Liar (Wasteland Monarchy) with Lauren Hart

Huge sound and a light show that flowed with every nuance of the music with new touring drummer  Alex Landenburg a revelation with his double bass attack.

Sean Tibbets on bass was ever moving and smiling on his 50th birthday ( cake and candles delivered by Lauren) and Oliver Palotai on keys gave the sound it's bottom end and depth.
Thomas Youngblood on guitars is Mr Kamelot and his short sharp soloing was well presented.

Tommy Karevik now on his 3rd album with the band was a superb front man with a theatrical feel to his stage presence and his vocals were stunning giving a melodic edge to the symphonic metal onslaught.

Joined at regular intervals by growler Lauren Hart the crowd went nuts from the word go whether it be oldie Forever or newie Ravenlight. 

Like Primal Fear the night before 90 minutes wasn't long enough and I look forward to seeing them again and the recently recorded dvd from this tour due out next year.

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