The Bad FLowers/ Federal Charm The Borderline London 30-9-18

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First up and with lots of t shirts baring their name in evidence Those Damn Crows are making a name for themselves and their 30 minute set flew by.

Shane Greenhall on vocals had missed the last few shows due to illness so the 5 piece were raring to go and they didn't disappoint. 

With new cd Muder And The Motive due out on the 5th of October songs with attitude huge riffs and even bigger choruses hit us one after the other.

Don't Give A Damn was a great opener with Shane smiling from ear to ear as we lapped up the groove laden riff and plenty knew the chorus already.

Set closer Rock N Roll Ain't Dead had a huge audience sing along and Shane parted the crowd to leap into the throng at it's close.

One to watch out for.

Next up was Federal Charm who have expanded to a 5 piece with the release of new album Passenger with new singer Tom Guyer now nicely bedded in.

Their 50 minute set was as follows

Swing Sinner

Guess What
Can’t Rule Me
Death Rattle
Master Plan
Get Through
Nowhere Is Home
Parting Words
Speak Out
Gotta Give It Up

Leader of the band Paul Bowe on guitar has always been a livewire on stage and having Tom next to him gives him a foil that he didn't have previously and at times they are a blur.

Tom sings with a soul and passion and set opener Swing Sinner with bass player L D Morawski's great back up vocals on the chorus a highlight.

Paul's guitar work is great with plenty of fluent soloing and first single off Passenger Choke with it's darker riff and insistent drum rhythm and big chorus shows promising times ahead.

Gotta Give It Up from their debut cd was a great set closer with the band at one and smiles on every face.

Headliners The Bad Flowers released their debut cd Starting Gun in February and their constant road work has paid dividends as the midlands 3 piece evolve.

Their hour long set was as follows

Coming across as a love child of Motorhead and Black Sabbath The Bad Flowers make a hell of a racket for a 3 piece with a huge groove and riffs to die for.

Guitarist and vocalist Tom Leighton has a great voice that gets better with every live show I see and his fluid soloing is never flashy and over staying it's welcome.

Bass man Dale Tonks is an almighty presence with his fingers a blur and birthday boy Karl Selickis on drums an ever smiling whirl wind of sticks.

Starting Gun highlights include Hurricane with Karl at incredible pace from the word go and the first gargantuan riff and groove oozes from every pore and great to see amaongst the riff the band know how to write a great chorus too.

Let's Misbehave takes the pace down and shows the band know the strength in dynamics as from quiet beginnings it builds up to a big band chorus.Tom shows off more of his vocal range and the band work out tour de force is a show highlight.

I Ain't Ready Yet is from the band's second cd due in 2019 and shows the band's sound developing and more big riffs.

Final 3 songs include Starting Gun's first single Thunder Child with it's colossal groove and plenty of fist's raised to the air and Karl a blur at the back before Rich Man lowers the pace a touch but no loss in power.

City Lights sees a mass sing along along side the fuzzed up stop start riff with Tom's vocal on the chorus backed up by Dale leaving everyone present wishing for more.

3 great bands on a Sunday night all showing immense promise and that's the great bit this is only the beginning.

All pictures used with thanks and credited to Robert Sutton.

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