Bad Touch Bullingdon Oxford 18-11-18

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 Sunday night in Oxford and after 2 energetic and totally different sets from supports Daxx & Roxanne and Aaron Buchanan And The Cult Classics we get an 80 minute masterclass from Bad Touch that only enhances their reputation as one of the UK's finest live acts.

Here is the set list.

 With the recent release of third cd Shake A Leg the band now have a phenomenal arsenal of songs to choose from and tonight's set is a career retrospective even playing pre first album track Down as the last song of the main set.

Stevie Westwood on vocals is a superb frontman with a witty repertoire as an end of second song break down leaves him saying you don't get much for 18 pound these days as he wishes us good night!!!
His vocals are superb with a melodic range and tone.

Guitarist's Rob Glendinning and Daniel Seekings both ease riff after riff out with Rob's lead breaks spectacular and the rhythm team of Michael Bailey on bass and George Drewry ob drums are rock solid with George's backing vocal's top notch.

The show opens with new album ball breaker's Show Me What It Means and Lift Your Head Up both show a maturity in writing and execution that show the hours and hours of road work are paying off handsomely.

Good On Me is still one of the cheekiest tunes ever written with Stevie showing off his jeans to all present!!

Hammer Falls and first single Skyman hit hard with riffs a plenty and choruses to beat you round the ghead for months.

Outlaw for me is one of the finest songs of the last decade and with suitable cowboy video could have seen them break big and tonight with a decent sound mix Rob's superb soloing under Stevie's vocal add libs in the outro was and always is a show highlight.

99% is a wonderful night closer all riff and attitude and they leave us wanting more as all great band's should.

Bad Touch's star continues to ascend and we should all get behind the next great UK rock band. 


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