Greta Van Fleet - Kentish Town Forum 9/11/18

In a week where I'm seeing my best mate and his family suffering, the ex is causing grief and my working day seems to never end, I needed this gig.

Yeah it's a bit of a pain to get to from my house but Kentish Town Forum is a great venue.. best balcony in the business. (Although 21 quid for 2 doubles and a bottle of (lidless) water is,frankly taking the piss) 

Support act Goodbye June were really good. They easily won over the packed house and I will investigate further.

But.. they were blown away by the main act.

From the minute Greta Van Fleet took to the stage, you knew this was going to be special.

You would think that the (mostly) family four piece who have a combined age of about 1.2 Mick Jaggers would still be learning their stagecraft but when you have the balls to play an extended guitar solo 2 songs in and get the roar of approval from the Forum Massive then you can pretty  much do anything.
GVF don't play short songs, in fact almost all of them seem to include a Freebird-length solo at some point. Because of the sonic resemblance to 'you-know-who' you do expect each solo to finish with "...and she's buy-uy-ing a stay-er-way to hev-annnn" but thankfully it doesn't.
Yes there are some Zep overtones but frankly that's probably what hooked 90% of this crowd in the first place. They are no Kingdom Come though. Remember them?, exactly my point (Google them). GVF are here to stay on their own merit. 

Definitely one of those gigs that people will claim to have been to.. I was! 

Believe the hype - absolutely brilliant.


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