The Dead Daisies Oxford Academy 20-11-18

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First up was Massive Wagons who went down very well with vocalist Baz Mills a veritable whirling dervish and he didn't let up as song after song hit us hard and one to watch out for over the next few years as they develop.

The Dead Daisies haven't seen home in a very long time and still produce live performances like it's their first ever show with a 2 hour set culled from their 4 studio albums with of course plenty of covers added to.

Here is what they played.

Deen Castronovo on drums (ex Bad English and Journey and with Doug Aldrich in Revolution Saints) produces a display of hard hitting drums that few anywhere on the planet can match and he shows us his stunning vocal range during the mid set acoustic set on Stay With Me.

Marco Mendoza on bass and excellent backing vocals is his usual immaculate self with David Lowy on guitar the band leader from the back.

John Corabi on vocals if I am honest sounded better on this tour than back in April and his between song banter and jokes show a ready wit and wonderful stage presence.

Doug Aldrich is a guitar god with his Californian tan and blonde hair and he is a 6 string slinger of the highest order with solo after solo of stunning tone and melody.

Each song was greeted like a long lost friend and the 3 song acoustic set took the atmosphere down but was soon back to maximum levels with Oxford Making Some Noise.

Loved the covers of Bitch and Helter Skelter and last song Highway Star was an unexpected addition with Doug's extended guitar solo a highlight.

The Dead Daisies continue to amaze.

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