Dan Reed Network 229 The Venue London 23-11-18

First up was Hollowstar a young 4 piece with recent single Let You Down from the forthcoming debut album a set highlight.They lost a bit of momentum as the bass player/singer kept talking when they could have played at least one extra song.

Mason Hill are in my opinion one of the most promising acts I have seen in a very long time.They just have it whatever it is.Classic 5 piece with 2 guitarists and everyone plays a part.Lead singer Scott Taylor has a great presence and his gritty vocal style fits in perfectly with the heavy riffage and lead guitarist James Bird has great melody and tone in all of his lead breaks.
Songs they have them too with Now You See Me and recent single Hold On both superb with a real swagger from all saying watch us.Some of my beloved light and shade in Where I Belong with the band showing they understand the use of dynamics as the song ebbed and flowed.
Recently divorced from their Frontiers record contract we really need an album asap as this band have what it takes to get to the very top.

I am fortunate to have seen Dan Reed Network 5 times in the last couple of years and every single time they raise the bar to such an extent you stand open mouthed at their magnificence each time.

With a stunningly clear sound with Brion James's guitar rectified by using a cable as Dan said who would have believed that!! the band were on fire with all the usual band jokes and vibe.

An Origins album launch party the set was a career retrospective ( with Champion sadly not played to an audience request of Cruise Together) with a playing time of 1 hour and 50 minutes due to the venue curfew.Here is what they played.

Rock You All Night Long
Forgot To Make Her Mine
Under My Skin
Doing The Love Thing
Rainbow Child
Rob Daiker song (Did It All For A Kiss)
One Last Time
Get To You
Tiger In A Dress
Stronger Than Steel
Brion James song (Save The World)
Cruise Together (audience request!)
Baby Now I
World Has A Heart Too
Long Way To Go (acapella)

Rock and funk with attitude and Dan Reed at the centre of it all.Feeling every note and beat he is soon bathed in sweat and his vocals are stunning as he covers every inch of the stage time and again.

Every song is a highlight with Dan Pred on drums a veritable power house with a god given feel of tempo and rhythm that is a joy to watch and Melvin Brannon's bass a stomach inducing rumble to match.Rob Daiker on keys and backing vocals has been a real find for the band and he gets his own solo spot with Did It All For A Kiss. 

One Last Time from Origins was played with less funk then expected and it was off to the house with hit after hit with Tiger In A Dress crowd vocals lifting the roof.

Stronger Than Steel was beautifully performed with Brion's picked solo exquisite before Baby Now I took the evening to even higher heights.

Classic Ritual ended the set with vocal chords on max before the band took to the stage edge to perform Long Way To Go acapella with crowd participation a given.

If their is a better live band on this planet i haven't seen them.

Back in late 2019 with a 30th anniversary Slam tour to be announced go and see them.

 All photos used with thanks and credited to Trudi Knight.

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