The Kris Barras Band The Bullingdon Oxford 27-2-19

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After Saturday's manic attempts to get parked on Oxfords Cowley Road, eat something reasonably edible and rush in to see the early starting Dead Mans Whiskey (all of which we failed to achieve), the thought of attempting it again on a school night wasn't giving me a warm fuzzy feeling.    However Praise Be for a car parking girl friend who took no prisoners, the mighty Atomic Burger on Cowley Road and a door man who gruffly told us 'you're too early.  

What followed was a few more bevies and a catch up with my oldest mate and relaxed anticipation for the show.

The Bully was pretty much full when Jack J Hutchinson Band hit the stage. A trio pumping out blues with a Southern swagger... I liked them and will go investigate further.....

This was my 5th Kris Barras gig having seen 3 acoustic support shows and his triumphant set at Ramblin' Man last year.  

The band are getting tighter each time I hear them.  Barras' tone is a killer.. from the soulful slow blues of  'Watching Over Me', to an almost funky tone on (my favourite) 'Propane, to out and out metal on some tracks.   

They took the opportunity to showcase some new songs of the forthcoming album (Light It Up and Vegas Son being 2)... all of which sounded instantly likeable.

We got to witness a barnstorming version of Zep's Rock n Roll and of course, the wonderful Hail Mary.    A very very good way to spend a school night. 

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