H.E.A.T. – Live at Sweden Rock Festival

 On June 7th 2018 H.E.A.T. took the stage and as the band tell us

  '' For our entire career people have been going on about us making a ’DVD/Blu-ray’ and we can finally reveal that we will be releasing ’Live At Sweden Rock Festival’. For those of you who have yet to see us live, this is as close as it gets.  So go out and roll around in the garden, get an uneven tan, have 1-20 beers and kick back in your couch for the ultimate festival experience. Happy watching!”

When Erik Gronwall replaced Kenny Leckremo as vocalist for the Address The Nation cd their live show performances went skyward as Erik has the energy of a duracell bunny on max involving everyone in the venue and anyone who has seen them will agree.You come away bathed in sweat and grinning from ear to ear as there are few bands on the planet as good in the live setting.

We already have 2015's Live In London cd release and this has a similar track list with 4 songs added from the controversial Into The Great Unknown album where Dave Dalone on guitar returned to the band replacing Eric Rivers.

I loved the cd the album mixing heavier songs like Bastard Of Society and Shit City but with some poppier elements thrown in but every band evolves with time and all 4 here show their worth with Redefined and Eye Of The Storm giving Erik a chance to show he is a wonderful vocalist and having a range to match. 

The band kick up a storm with Crash on drums,Jimmy Jay on bass and Jona Tee laying down a solid rhythm and Dave's riffing and short sharp soloing all only adding to the melodic maelstrom.

Erik is everywhere and loves the interaction in the front row with the crowd as they help him at all times as hit follows hit.

 The album closes with four classics from the last two albums in ‘Emergency’, ‘Inferno’, ‘Living On The Run’ and ‘A Shot at Redemption' and the superb mix shines through as the band crank it up time and again taking it the max with Erik dripping in sweat and grinning like a Cheshire cat at the sea of adoring faces in the crowd.

H.E.A.T. shows a band in their natural habitat live on stage where they belong.

Live At Sweden Rock Festival is as close to being there in the front row waiting for the next tour.


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