The New Roses Nothing But Wild cd review

August the 2nd sees the release of German 4 piece The New Roses new album Nothing But Wild and the follow up to 2017 One More For The Road and their hard yards put in on the road supporting The Scorpions and Kiss see spectacular results.

Blasting out of the speakers blowing all cobwebs,heatwaves and biblical deluges away this is one album that deserves to be released in the summer to be played loud with windows open and asking the neighbours to join in.

The band said the following “On Nothing But Wild, we fully concentrated on catchy songs with big melodies. Our goal was to record a strong and energetic Rock’n’Roll album without any frills and fillers. Simply true, simply loud, simply wild!” 

Review done I say and how right they are.

Soundtrack Of My Life is a wonderful opener with pounding drums,bobbing bass and guitars riffing like crazy and a huge chorus built for stadium singalongs and a guitar solo with such melodic intent that sit's superbly with the guitar solo that sit's under alongside and over the chorus.

Can't Stop Rock n'Roll is next and all swagger and attitude with a riff to match and another huge chorus where vocalist Tommy Rough shines.

Down By The River manages to out do the first 2 anthems which is some feat believe me with a rolling riff and a slight easing of the pace in the chorus with strummed chords meaning as the mega chorus kick's in the guitar's come in even louder with more guitar soloing taking the level even higher.

Title track Nothing But Wild is a full on rock n'roll number with the ryhthm section holding it all together and guitar melodies abound and another chorus to learn asap.

Heartache sees guitars again reigned in for the first part of the verse and showing the band know how to use light and shade to great effect and the held note on the chorus from Tommy shows his great range.

The Bullet sees the first ballad that starts from acoustic beginnings and ends in a mid paced number that again show's off Tommy's vocal range to it's fullest.

Running Out Of Hearts ups the pace again with more held vocal notes in the chorus and Norman Bites on guitar rips another solo that fit's just so.

Unknown Territory's riff will have crowd's bouncing from front to back as next song As The Crow Flies sees the guitar riff dip in and out before another chorus and guitar riff extraganza.

Give And Take sees Hardy on bass and Urban Berz on drums slow it down a touch making the song deeper and heavier with no loss in melodic intentions.

The Only Thing is ballad number 2 with video to follow I reckon before Meet Me Half Way is a bar room laid back acoustic led number with Tommy excelling vocally.

Glory Road has a touch of Eclipse in the vocal melody and a touch of Americana in the feel before the album ends on 2 full on unplugged numbers with Tommy all over it vocally.

Down By The River is still as powerful in this format and Fight You Leaving Me finishes off the album in style.

Nothing But The Wild is the soundtrack to the summer play loud and watch them soar to new heights.


Photo Credit: © Frank Dursthoff

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