Piston Eponymous Debut Album Released Friday 13th September

September the 13th sees the release of Piston's eponymous debut album and after support slots with the following The Temperance Movement, Sebastian Bach, Whitesnake/Def Leppard (Acoustic), The Quireboys, Toseland, Reckless Love, Wolfsbane, The Treatment, The Picturebooks, Tim Ripper Owens, The Union, Love/Hate and Voodoo Six.

It is now time for them to make their own name and a mighty fine job they have done with the 10 tracks encased within with 2 remixes added as a bonus.

Dynamite does just that as an opener all taut hard edged guitar riff with pounding drums and plenty of come on's in the chorus too.Rob Angelico on vocals shines and in less than 2 and a half minutes we are done.

Rainmaker has a huge stop start AC/DC guitar riff from guitarist's Jack Edwards and Luke Allatt and I love the way the riffs stops in the verse giving the bass and drums room to breathe and making the riff's even bigger when they kick in for the chorus.A live show favourite for sure.

Go Now is another stomper that builds up to a huge chorus with the riffs again cracking in and added backing vocals another layer of audio pleasure.

Carry Me Home sees an acoustic start and Rob sounds so like Stevie Westwood from Bad Touch I would be amazed if they aren't related !! The band kick in with a nice picked guitar solo and a bluesy club feel to the sound.

One More Day sees the pace accelerate with another superb guitar riff and the band full pedal to the metal into a big chorus.The band know how to pull you in with great light and shade and then tear into a guitar solo and no song evert out stays it's welcome.

Beyond Repair sees a different urgent drum rhythm and Rob's vocal keys also keyed into the guitar riff which is insistent in it's delivery.I love the huge guitar riff under the chorus and a few whoa whoa's added to the mix too.

Leave If You Dare has a heavy blues shuffle while Blow It Away sees guitar and drums mould into one with Rob's vocal to the fore and more AC/DC guitar riffs in another song built to be played live.

Let Us Rise builds to a big chorus and a different feel to the drum rhythm again which is great as it it never feels the same and gives good pacing through out the album.  

Into The Night sees more light and shade in the verse before the guitar riff cuts in for the chorus and then out again for the next verse.

Remixes of One More Day and Rainmaker bring to a close a very promising debut that is only the beginning and that is the great part there is a lot more to come.

Piston hit the road to promote the cd on the following tours and dates.

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