Beth Hart Coventry Cathedral 3-11-17

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And God looked down and said 'hmm they need a decent damn singer down there' and lo he sent down to earth his sexiest, sassiest angel and gave her a voice that could melt every heart in a half mile radius.
....The last time I saw Beth Hart it was at one of her first solo shows, and it was in the brilliant Union Chapel in London.. so it didn't seem out of place seeing her in the gorgeous surroundings of Coventry Cathedral. As, what seemed like thousands, of wooden chairs were laid out in front of us, I was waiting to be asked if I was with the bride or groom before deciding where to sit.   
The acoustics and backdrop are absolutely stunning, although it was tricky to see Beth as all the seats are (obviously) at the same level and if I'm being picky then the constant clang of wine bottles from the impromptu bar echoing around was a bit distracting too.
.. well I assume is was a pop up bar, I haven't been to church in a while, but if Coventry are offering glasses of Shiraz then it might get a few more punters in on a Sunday.
Beth was wonderful as usual.. no visible nerves this time around as she sang songs at the grand piano, her electric one, a guitar and a bass. Completely solo - completely brilliant - the natural acoustics of the building making it sound like she's singing inside an acoustic guitar. 
She joked that she had been speaking to the priest and saying that she had a potty mouth and would try not to cuss in her anecdotes between songs... She managed it too!
I already have tickets for her show in Oxford in April next year.. although I have swapped my row B tix for some slightly further back - I think seeing Beth that close might be bad for my health.
Gorgeously Talented.
Praise be to Beth.

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