Dan Reed talks about the forthcoming European and UK Tour with Extreme.

Photo credit Amanda Rose Medder

Your just about to start your European tour with Extreme what are you looking forward to the most?
We are really looking forward to sharing the stage with one of our contemporaries who were part of the rock funk movement from the late 80's/early 90's, and believe the DRN will be a great start to an evening that promises to be a celebration of music and good vibes! Also being on the bigger stages is always a blast as we love taking advantage of the space... It's always a joy to play for a larger audience and see how many people we can connect with! 

What has DRN been up to since the UK tour in March?
We have been writing and recording demos, passing tracks back and forth via email, having skype creative meetings and making our plans for not only this European tour but also plans for 2018 and beyond! 

Did you ever tour with Extreme back in the early 90's?
Unfortunately we did not, but I did have the pleasure of working with Nuno on a couple remakes of DRN songs 'Long Way to Go' and 'Get to You' in an east coast studio back then and have been a big believer in his talent ever since. One of the best in the business and am really looking forward to reconnecting with everyone in Extreme! 

What do you admire about Extreme as a band?
Their riffs, lyrics and how right they are both in the studio and on stage... It's impressive to witness. They're intention always seems to be positive and that's something the music business can use more of in my opinion. 

Seems to me to be a perfect tour match up how long did it take you to say yes to it?
Robby Hoffman, Extreme's manager, had brought up the idea of us doing shows together a few years ago, and when I heard they were touring the UK this December and knew that DRN was open that month I reached out to Robby and rekindled the idea... So it may be better to ask Extreme how long it took them to say yes to the idea :) We are simply honoured to be on board and would love to do more shows with them in the future if these days go well! 

How long will your set be every night?
50 minutes. 

What can we expect to hear? Champion I hope?
Yes... We will indeed be playing 'Champion'! Basically, we will be giving the audience a sample of songs from our 4 studio albums to represent all our catalogue.

If you could say to one person who is going to the Extreme tour and not seen DRN before why should they turn up early in no more than 20 words?
If you like funky rock music, positive, celebratory lyrics, and adrenalin, you will most likely dig DRN :) 

I have heard rumours of a new music coming is that true?
Yes... We are recording a new track on December 1st in Manchester... 2 new tracks in May in the US and couple more in July in Sweden. So we are gearing up for the next album for sure! 

You have a Live Studio Recording Event in Manchester next week. How much do you look forward to it and will any new songs be used on a new cd?
We are thrilled about this new concept of recording new tracks with supporters of DRN as the audience and participants. Our manager and us think this will be the way forward for create and release new music, and eventually release all the tracks as an album.

What does 2018 hold for DRN?
More recording studio sessions with audiences in the US and Europe, some shows in Sweden with the Electric Boys in July and then returning to the UK next fall. We got a few irons in the fire that we believe people will enjoy for 2018 :) 

Dan Reed Network are special guests on Extreme’s December 2017 UK Tour  

Newcastle O2 Academy - Wednesday 13 December
Glasgow O2 Academy - Thursday 14 December
Leeds O2 Academy - Saturday 16 DecemberBirmingham O2 Academy - Sunday 17 DecemberBristol O2 Academy - Monday 18 DecemberLondon O2 Academy Brixton – Wednesday 20 December

With thanks to Peter Noble of Peter Noble PR for setting up the interview and Dan Reed for taking the time to speak to www.rockgig.co.uk

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