Beth Hart Bath Forum 3-11-21


Due to a series of unforeseen scheduling conflicts caused by the pandemic this date wrapped up Beth's UK tour with the remainder of dates now scheduled for March 2023.

Arielle from Texas came on shortly after 7.30 for a 30 minute set accompanied by her 3 guitar's who she introduced as Cali, Colin and Two Tone as she went through a collection of acoustic or electric picked songs that showcased her beautiful guitar arrangements and wonderful vocal tones.

The Brian May protege surprised us with a cover of Andy Williams  Moon River  before Voices In My Head took it up a notch with her voice coming to the fore and showing melody and great pronunciation too.

She ended the far too brief set with Magick Again which is the name of her beloved VW van that she has travelled round the UK in and her voice soared with long held notes that left the crowd wanting more and let's hope we see Arielle back in the UK shortly. 

Picture used with thanks and credited to Graham Munn.

Beth Hart is a phenomenal performer and in the many times I have been fortunate to see her in the live setting I think this may be right at the top of the list.

Beth gives her all every time but having not being able to perform for so long due to the pandemic this show and the last in her beloved UK this time round took things to even greater heights. 

Every show every song is cathartic and helps Beth deal with her demons and we watch her bewitched as her voice goes through every emotion possible as her body feels every note from the soles of her feet to the top of her head.

Starting with Tell Her You Belong To Me wow what an opener as Beth resplendent in white jacket and black trousers hits the heights from the off. No show opener warmer of the vocals this one with Jon Nichols on guitar strung down low peeling off riff after riff and he is the perfect foil for Beth and his mid song guitar solo was stunning.

As the song ended to rapturous applause off came Beth's jacket quickly followed by her boots and socks too to more applause as she wanted to feel very note through her body.

Picture used with thanks and credited to Richard Bolwell.

This tour saw Beth and her band play the songs in distinct blocks with the first 75 minutes seeing her rock and blues numbers with Beth off and on her piano before a set of acoustic numbers with the band on the edge of the stage. Bill Ransom on drums took percussion to a new level with a series of shapes and sounds and textures for every occasion with Tommy Lilly now on stand up bass and Jon Nichols on acoustic guitar and Beth helping out too. The main set then ended with Beth alone on piano.

I like the way it worked as the rock and blues level kept the audience at fever pitch through out that part of the show with Rub Me For Luck, Love Is A Lie ,Waterfalls, Bad Woman Blues and Baddest Blues all full of soaring vocals and guitar riffs and the band interplay simply breath taking throughout with Bill Ransom on drums able to coax different rhythms from the same kit at will with percussion extra's too at the drop of a hat too.

Beth because she can wanted to play Sister Heroine for her sister so the setlist was changed and Jon looked across as he put on one guitar and with a knowing look changed to another as Beth's emotional delivery brought a tear to every eye in the house.

The acoustic set included Spanish Lullaby, Sugar Shack, Without Words, and Boogyman. Again band interplay was wonderful and Beth was bouncing round on her mini stool with enjoyment as you see the songs in a new light but never deviating from the song and showing how much the words mean every single time.

Beth finished the set alone with her piano with My California, Light On, War In My Mind all delivered with mind blowing vocals and piano and the audience spell bound at the twists and turns in the delivery and emotion oozing from every pore.

Beth and her band returned with Beth apologising for the length of the set which no one complained about. She said she would play all night if she could as she has missed playing live so much.

One last treat was the Etta James classic I'd Rather Go Blind that Beth has only embellished the legacy of a wonderful song with her voice impeccable and another Jon guitar solo of class and what a wonderful way to finish a 2 hour and 20 minute set that was a joy from first to last.

Beth and her band will return to the UK in 2023 beg borrow or steal a ticket.


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