One Desire Talk To Rockgig About Their Debut Album

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One Desire have just released one of the finest debut albums in many a year and Rockgig caught up with drummer Ossi Sivula to talk about all things One Desire.
Rockgig How does it feel to finally get your music out and with the reaction from
critics and fans alike being fantastic? 
Ossi  It's​ great!! Couldn't be happier!!
R Where did the name of the band come from and what does it mean to you all?
 O Actually before One Desire we used only OD, but we wanted to create meaning for OD and one evening I came up with One Desire! And it fits because this is our one desire .
R As a band what are your musical influences?
O Toto, Journey, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, Kiss, just a mention few...
R What does each member of the band bring to the musical table?
O Good songs, production, talent, really good vibes. We're in this together.
R One Desire I believe formed in 2012 why has it taken so long to get a
product released?
O Lots of member changes and other difficulties, but like I said before I can't be happier with the result! It took it's time but totally worth it!!
R How long did it take to write the debut cd?
O Actually I don't know 😂
R Did you write together or was it an internet based cd with ideas going
back and forth?
O There were a lot of songs which had been written years ago but needed to cheer a little :) But on this album there were not that many writing sessions together 
R You co wrote two songs with Erik Martensson how did that come about?

O André is a long time friend with Erik and has worked with him since Sturm und Drang times. That's how it happened
R How long did it take to record the cd?
O About a year
R Did you have a pre conceived idea of what the debut cd would sound like
or did it all come together in the studio?
O Had no idea at all! When the first songs were mixed it then started to take shape
R Do you have a favourite song and what does it mean to you?
O Love Injection. It’s the most poppiest song on the album and I love it! 
R Any songs left for album number two?
O Maybe a couple. We'll see ;)
 R I see that the video for Apologise has had some newspaper headlines in
Finland with a minister getting involved.Are you surprised at the fuss it has
O It is really tiny town and very religious too... Everybody knows each other and so on... Always in these types of cases somebody will make a big thing out of nothing so no we weren't really surprised...

R Your video for Hurt has had a huge number of hits on YouTube which for a
new band is amazing. How do you see success now? CD sales and streams or
critical acclaim or more on a personal level?
O I'm not sure for the others but at least for me it's a really personal thing! I think the  other guys think that way too!Of course, sales and streams are a very good thing too!!
R You went down fantastically well with the crowds in the UK and with your
first gig only a few weeks ago how has it been on the road?
O Everything's going super great! We have very much fun with the guys of Eclipse! Actually, I'm writing this message somewhere from Germany just now and I'm getting ready for tonight's show!!
     R What does the rest of the year hold for One Desire?
O Lots of gigs in Finland and hopefully some touring across Europe too!!
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