The Dead Daisies Koko London 10-4-18

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With sold out notice's country wide this is one hot ticket and The Amorettes kicked off the evening with a 30 minute set based around the Born To Break cd that has just been released.

I haven't seen them for a few year's and the most noticeable difference was their stage craft which was so much better.Born To Break was the first song and from the audience reaction many had bought the new cd.As the set progressed through to set closer the AC/DC riffed Everything I Learned I Learned From Rock n'Roll the crowd response grew and it will be interesting to see how they develop over the coming year's.

The Treatment had 40 minutes and 8 song's and a first chance to see new front man Tom Ramplings and he does a great job on the material played including The Doctor,I Bleed Rock n'Roll and Running With The Dogs.
Tagore and Tao Grey on guitar's patrol the stage edge and their AC/DC rifferama sees plenty of head's banging and Shake The Mountain ends a fine set.With a UK tour now set for September with Airrace we are all ready for some more treatment.

The Dead Daisies are another band who have an old school attitude of album/tour/album/tour and they are rapidly coming one of the top band's there is with a line up to match.Evolving you would call it with only one constant and that is Dave Lowy who plays rhythm guitar.

Out front John Corabi (Motley Crue/Ratt/The Scream) is a superb front man with a great line in on stage banter with the crowd.His joke about Kate Beckinsale and a wax work museum was hilarious.He was in great voice too.
Bass is handled by Marco Mendoza (Whitesnake,Thin Lizzy,Black Star Riders) and what a performer he is especially with the ladies and great backing vocal's too. 
Lead guitar is Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake,Dio,Burning Rain,Revolution Saints) and he is one of the top players out there and with his Californian tan and blond mane another piece of eye candy for the ladies.
New member on drums is Deen Castronovo(Journey,Bad English,Revolution Saints) and a great live player and wonderful backing vocal's too.

Over the course of 90 minutes we were treated to a career set list with 6 from the recently released Burn It Down.Here is what they played.

Rise Up
Make Some Noise
Song and a Prayer
Dead and Gone
What Goes Around
Last Time I Saw The Sun
Burn It Down
All The Same
Drum solo
Bitch (Rolling Stones cover)
With You and I
Long Way to Go
Devil Out Of Time
Midnight Moses (The Sensational Alex Harvey Band cover)
Judgement Day
Helter Skelter (The Beatles cover)

Resurrected and Rise Up from the new cd bashed us into submission from the word go with Aldrich a towering presence with guitar soloing ad libs and his mid song solo a blur of finger's.He is always melodic but he can shred with the best of them too.

Make Some Noise had fist's in the air and the crowd sang the chorus back with gusto before my favourite of the new cd Dead And Gone which is classic rock period with a great chorus and Aldrich again shining on the big stop start riff and Corabi leading the yeah yeah's in the chorus.

The band were having a blast with a genuine joy of playing with each other showing this is no hired hand help band.Mexico saw Corabi in fine form with his maraca's before a ferocious Bitch The Rolling Stones cover took the roof off the sold out crowd.

Midnight Moses is a great set closer all riff and high end energy and plenty of crowd participation and Aldrich add libbing.

Encores saw a 1-2 of new album favourite Judgement Day and Helter Skelter.The former with it's strummed Aldrich intro before Deen bashes into submission as the band crash in.Love the light and shade of the song giving us a chance to enjoy Corabi's range before The Beatles watch how it should be done with a great version which sees fist's and horn's thrown and head's banging to end a triumphant end to a great evening.

The Dead Daisies will be at a festival the length and breadth of the country this year gos ee them.

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