Gypsy's Kiss Release Latest Single 'Gone For Good' and Premieres Music Video

Gypsy's Kiss release their recorded and mastered single  "Gone For Good," from their '74' album. Crafted by Jonathan Morley and David Smith, this track candidly explores the aftermath of a relationship dissolution, expressing the poignant sentiment of departing with finality. The aggrieved party asserts, "I don't want to leave, but I have to go, then I will be Gone For Good."
David Smith, the band's visionary founder, shares insights into the song's creation, revealing that it took shape during the lockdown, capturing the essence of isolation, loneliness, and the anguish synonymous with a breakup. Yet, amid the melancholy, the song champions resilience and strength. Smith affirms, "I might be sad, but if I am going, then I will be Gone for Good."
The accompanying music video skilfully conveys themes of separation and sorrow. Featuring the band in diverse locations, the visual narrative complements the emotional depth of the song.
Looking ahead, Gypsy's Kiss anticipates its 50th Anniversary in 2024 with a momentous celebration. The band has exciting plans, including the release of two singles and a brand-new album in the Spring of 2024. Fans can also expect an array of live performances across the UK and Europe.
The current lineup comprises David Smith (Vocals and Guitars), Jonathan Morley (Guitars and BVs), Fraser Marr (Guitars), Ross Hunter (Keys and BVs), Robin Gatcum (Bass), and Stuart Emms (Drums).
While Gypsy's Kiss remains devoted to its Maiden heritage, the band continues to evolve and extend its classic rock sound to captivate a broader audience beyond its Iron Maiden roots.
Reviewing the 74 album Classic Rock Magazine said “ Maiden Alumni prove their worth…
74 takes a striking leap forward in terms of songwriting, proving their worth irrespective of Maiden-related curiosity”
Gone for Good, despite its theme is a real crowd pleaser and a highlight of the bands live set.  
Check out the video here

Gone For Good is now available to download or stream from all digital platforms here
The band are also releasing a special limited edition CD which includes the new release PLUS the full album version PLUS two amazing live tracks recorded in Lublin, Poland earlier this year - these live tracks are not available anywhere else!
You can pre order the CD now at - these are very limited in number and will be signed by the band.

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