Félix Rabin Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Bruce Springsteen's much-loved track "Dancing In The Dark" with His Own Rendition

Félix Rabin, a rising star in the Swiss rock scene and acclaimed guitar prodigy, today releases his latest single, "Dancing In The Dark." Félix puts his own unique twist and style on the classic Springsteen track.
Félix shares, "About three to four years ago, a close friend introduced me to Springsteen's music. Despite knowing his name and some of his popular songs, I had only scratched the surface of his work and career. Since then, I've immersed myself in his albums and had the privilege of seeing him perform live.
I began playing and singing some of his songs for myself. Eventually, "Dancing In The Dark" found its way into my setlists, often becoming an encore over the past two years.
Upon realising that this iconic track would turn 40 on May 9, 2024, I felt inspired to record a cover of it.
Recording a cover is a delicate process, balancing honouring the original while adding your own touch. I'm proud of the work we've put into this rendition, and I'm excited to share Springsteen's words with you all, infused with the emotion this song has stirred in me."
In addition to his tribute to Springsteen, Félix is releasing his upcoming EP later this year.
Dancing In The Dark is now available on all digital platforms. https://orcd.co/felixrabinditd

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