Matt Pearce & The Mutiny unveil new video ahead of anticipated Spring tour alongside Sari Schorr

As excitement mounts for their upcoming UK tour, promoted by Planet Rock and The Gig Cartel, Matt Pearce & The Mutiny release a brand-new video showcasing one of Matt's personal favourites from their sophomore album, 'The Soul Food Store.'
Check out the video for ‘From Here To The Moon’ Here

The electrifying track, 'From Here To The Moon,' exudes a lively blend of shuffling rhythms and irresistible riffs, punctuated by sultry saxophone melodies and slick slide guitar work. The band aims to reignite the infectious energy of old-school boogie, as Matt says "We don't think there's nearly enough boogieing happening these days, our mission is to bring it into the 21st Century,... and continuing with our Moon theme is our cosmic new video, so is everybody ready to boldly go where the music takes us?"
Matt expresses his enthusiasm for the upcoming tour, dubbed The From Here To The Moon Tour, which will take them to various venues across the UK that they haven't graced in far too long, including a return to London's Grace, scene of two previous epic nights of Mutiny music.  
Matt says “Sharing the stage with the acclaimed Blues sensation Sari Schorr is not only an honour but also an opportunity to collaborate musically each night, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans. Touring with Sari and her amazing band is an inspiration to me and the Mutineers, and an invitation for us to bring our A-Game every night! We predict stratospheric levels of groove...Plus it's being promoted by our fave rock radio station!"
'The Soul Food Store’ album brims with funky musical goodness: the kind of sound that Matt adores and set out to create when he first formed this project. The album reached #1 in the Amazon Blues Chart and received high praise from press. "Imagine Joe Cocker, Santana, Prince, Stevie Wonder and The Beatles having an impromptu late-night jam." said GREAT MUSIC STORIES. 
“This is an album of the year: joyous, blaring, dancing around music to salve the soul.”
Don't miss your chance to catch Matt Pearce & The Mutiny alongside Sari Schorr on their double-header tour hitting 10 cities across the UK. 
Tour Dates:
April 17: York, The Crescent
April 18: Glasgow, Oran Mor
April 19: Newcastle, Anarchy Brew
April 20: Barnsley, Birdwell Venue
April 21: Leek, Foxlowe Arts Centre
April 24: Grimsby, Docks Academy
April 25: Birmingham, The Castle And Falcon
April 26: Gloucester, Guildhall
April 27: London, The Grace
April 28: Newbury, Arlington Arts Centre

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